Green Bay on a National Stage!

Have you driven down Oneida Street lately? The Lambeau Field parking lot, Armed Forces Drive and Oneida Street are being transformed just in time for NFL Kickoff Weekend -- beginning here in Green Bay. Given the size of our city and the weather in our neck of the woods in late January and early February, I suspect the NFL will never seriously consider holding a Super Bowl here in town -- America's loss! This Thursday, however, is a decent consolation prize. I hope you have a chance to stop by!

I listen to Maroon 5 quite often, I know nothing about Lady Antebellum, but I have always enjoyed Kid Rock -- not necessarily his lyrics, but certainly his melodies. His song, "Amen" from the CD, "Rock and Roll Jesus" is one of my favorites. Now I know that my friend Bishop Tom Paprocki of Springfield has included lyrics of Maroon 5 in his preaching, especially at Confirmations, but what about the Kid? I'm not sure it's appropriate for Mass, but I'm wondering if the folks gathered for the Game Day Mass will be able to hear what's being cranked out in the parking lot? Given all of the activities taking place in Green Bay on Thursday and leading up to kickoff, we'll have much for which we can pray. I know Coach McCarthy will want his guys to avoid all the hype and focus completely on the tasks of the day, but even now while driving in Green Bay's entertainment district, it's difficult to avoid the drama.

It's hard to top any saint, certainly a 53-man communion of saints coming from New Orleans is difficult enough, but if the Green and Gold can remember the mantra, "One... One mind, goal, purpose, heart," then we certainly have more than a fighting chance. Enjoy the week everyone. Green Bay -- the Packers and the community -- will do America proud!


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