Is it just me, or has this been the longest week of the year? Tom Petty has is right, "The waiting is the hardest part!"

I have not slept well at all this week, and having been around all sorts of people who are battling the flu or major colds, I have felt under the weather for the past two days -- thus a couple of naps to prevent all sorts of ailments that might surface at the most inopportune moment of all.

But the homily is almost ready! I still have much to work on, that will be tomorrow's task on the treadmill, on the plane and at the hotel.

Should we go further, I'll be looking for assistance on my next -- and last -- homily for the Packers this year. I'll open up the privacy settings on the blog to hear words of wisdom from you to assist me in homily formation. I look forward to that quite a bit.

Until then, while the waiting is still so difficult, let's pray that Our Lady of Victory will look kindly upon Green Bay. (Playoffs bring about a certain degree of boldness in prayer, did you notice?) Through it all, enjoy some classic wisdom from one of my favorites... ... ...


Bob Lichty said...

In a game like this many times players and coaches will say "I have been preparing my whole life for this day" God works in us the same way preparing us for days such as this so that we may use it to honor him. Each step up our "light glows brighter because it is able to reach out to more people. We must be careful though that our goal does not overshadow our purpose. There will be many distractions and temptations as the game approaches that may dim the light or sometimes we use a dimmer when we make it more about us than him. At the end of the game many will judge the Packers on whether they win or loose-God will judge them on whether their light shown if they win or lose,
Bob Lichty
Menomonie WI

Anonymous said...

Idol Worship and Idolatry!

The wages of sin is spiritual death!

Lombardi Trophy VIOLATES God’s Ten Commandments, does it not?

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