... ... ... The Battle of the Birds Continues... ... ...

Eagles down, now the Falcons, Seahawks on deck! The team will be headed out tomorrow and I hope to God I will make the flight. I am so accustomed to leaving with the team on Saturday, that I'll have to leave some reminders for myself that I'll be headed out a day early, leaving the Priory at 11:30 tomorrow morning, exactly.

If I were a betting man, I'd place my money on the odds that I'll be attending the G Force pep assembly at the Hudson Grille in Midtown, Atlanta at 7:00 pm Friday night. I attended a similar event with the Packer administration last year in Arizona during playoffs -- the scene was electric. It was, and I am sure it will be tomorrow night, amazing to see how many Packer fans can pack a place across the country filled with energy, joy and total excitement.

Tomorrow night's event will feature several folks jacking up the crowd including Mark Murphy, Don "Magic" Majkowski, Dorcey Levens and Grady Jackson. God already planned for the team's welcome to Atlanta by dumping several inches of snow upon the city -- Wisconsin style!

There are so many reasons why I am pumped up for this game -- certainly for the team (especially for Aaron Rodgers) and its fans (especially those who are travelling to the game from Green Bay). But I am hoping we win this one for the sake of Mike McCarthy. He is such a good man -- within 1265 and outside as well. He is an incredible man of faith, and I believe this is what contributes to his successes as a coach, husband and father -- and a great friend to so many.

I always kid with people stressing the point that I NEVER pray for wins. But just between us, I am willing to make a few exceptions during the playoffs!


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