Meeting 1/2 of My Goal -- Or Perhaps 1/4th!

Perhaps you've seen the commercial -- it includes AJ Hawk, among others, running though a field with other NFL athletes and a whole team of kids -- stressing the importance that kids [of all ages] need a good 60 minutes of play to keep in shape. This play, as you can imagine, does not include lying in bed tooling around with your favorite DS cartridge, nor does it include sitting on the couch manipulating the latest version of Xbox. Rather, what the NFL has in mind is getting up and out of the house. ....To engage in a pickup game of football, baseball or basketball. In my childhood neighborhood it was often building snow-forts at this time of year or playing kick-the-can after school hours in the fall or heading over to the Saint Mary's playground for kickball. Anything that gets you going and in motion -- for a good 60 minutes -- to stay healthy.

Over this break, I've been pretty good at beginning my own version of "Play 30." This time has been spent primarily on the treadmill overlooking Old Saint Joe's from the priory's first floor. At the beginning of the Christmas break, I was doing very well keeping active; yet I have felt pretty disappointed that I've only been engaged in 30 minutes of play rather than an hour as prescribed by the NFL. As such, I feel as though 30 minutes is a good start -- it's better than nothing, but it's not exactly "Play 60" either. So guess what? There certainly is room for improvement!

"Play 60?" "Pray 60!"

One should not be too surprised to learn that the NFL is suggesting that tomorrow's football studs should begin their athletic and physical activity early on. While on the treadmill, I wondered what our nation's religious life would look like if the Church asked its members to "Pray 60" for the exercise of our own spiritual well-being, both individually and collectively? Finding it difficult to engage myself for an entire hour in some physical workout, I wondered if it would be any easier engaging in some spiritual or prayerful activity for a daily hour's duration. It's actually been a bit easier than I thought!

What I find works best, is to combine the play with the pray -- after all, I simply do not have ample hours of free time just looking for some sort of engagement -- even if it is January with the majority of our college students away! But offering a few prayers while on the treadmill, or deliberately choosing more spiritual songs or Catholic podcasts while listening to the ipod, or watching a few programs on EWTN while running in place has enabled me to kill two birds with one stone.

Having been in the car quite a bit these Christmas days [the next blog posting for sure!], I have found myself studying the "readings for the day" or the "reflection for the day" before I head out for the garage. Given the wisdom embedded in that sight, I have plenty to think about or pray over as I begin my travels. I have found that my travel has become a bit more peaceful and a bit less rushed as I try my best to contemplate "Divine Things!" While that's a pretty decent start, I really know what would help blend the two to an even greater degree while behind the wheel:

It's Fred's footmobile! How cool would it be if you can actually get some exercise while finding yourself behind the wheel? Coupled with Relevant Radio or the Catholic Channel on Sirius-XM Radio, life couldn't be better! Play, pray and travel wrapped up in one travel destination? It would be a "Yabba Dabba Do Time" for sure!


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