"LET THERE BE LIGHT:" But Don't Get Burned!

About three weeks ago I received an email from a friend whom I haven't seen in years; actually, I know his parents much better than I know him. Nevertheless, in his kind email he stated that he touches base with my blog to remain connected with life in his native homeland, DePere. It's also his way to keep in touch with what his parents might be up to -- considering they are very active members of Old Saint Joe's. He mentioned kindly that he hasn't seen any posting for a very long time, and that he hopes all is well; he was wondering if I had been sick or under the weather in some sort of way.

Pete, thanks so much for your concern; you're kicking me into action! It seems as though an entire semester has just about slipped away. And yes, I have been under the weather for a while -- nursing for weeks a lower back issue, but in reality that is not what has kept me away from these pages. Simply, like my readers, perhaps, I'm cramming too much stuff into each day; lighting the candle from both ends while looking for light at the end of a fast-paced, busy tunnel. Being up in Antigo, after Detroit, after Los Angeles to celebrate Thanksgiving on Black Friday gives me the opportunity to get a few words online. Since my last posting, there's so much that has gone on. I hope to address some of these issues in the weeks ahead. Some of the highlights include the following, in no praticular order:

--> Bringing together a task force to study what I've been studying for years: the issue of at-risk youth in the Green Bay - DePere area with the support of the Norbertine Community.

--> Taking part in a Friday night/Saturday morning "Ride Along" with the Green Bay Police Department, with Officer-Become-Good-Friend Kevin Warych, specifically.

--> Supporting friends and parishioners from West DePere as the Phantoms go to State!

--> Co-leading the Catholic Athletes for Christ annual Major League Baseball / Hollywood Profesionals retreat in Los Angeles.

--> Engaging with Diocesan Deacon Candidates and members of the Latin Kings for spiritual direction. (Talk about fire from both ends!)

--> Holy Goalie Bishop Tom Paprocki Takes on the Green Knights.

....And then that which has slowed me down:

--> The back goes out and lands me on the floor.

--> Hypersensitive Packer fans who want to canonize at one moment and then fire the next.

So that's where I've been and most likely where I'll be going here in the weeks ahead. Obviously, it's about burning the candle from both ends; but I do believe, "It's better to burn out than rust out!" Let's see if you agree! So please stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

HOOOOOORAY....he's back!!!

I, too, have been checking your blog but you were no-where to be found. And, yes, also concerned for your health !!!

(Maybe trying to wear too many hats?)

Hope to see you soon at OSJ?

And, yes, better to "burn out" than "rust out" .... at the rate you're going you might make it to the end of 2009!

Hope you're enjoying home time with Mom and Dad.

Prayers continue for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Happy and relieved to see "your back" (no pun intended!).

Your latest blog reminds me of the story about the guy who went to his doctor because he was feeling worn out. The doctor said he should slow down a bit because he was burning the candle at both ends. The guy replied: doc I didn't come for a lecture, I came for more wax !!!



Katie C said...

Saturday Morning ride along?? I hope you mean morning like 1AM. Otherwise it will be a snooze-fest :-)
Glad to see you blog is back in action :-)

Anonymous said...

Father Jim:
Happy your back to sharing thoughts and wisdom ... always find the words enlightening.
Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season and a safe, healthy and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself; we love you Jimmy:)
Teresa, David and Katherine

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