"Gee, That Voice Sounds Familiar!"

I was presiding and preaching at a mini-camp Packer Mass back in April when one of the coaches asked me if I had a radio program on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. At first, I thought the question was a joke, because the Packer Community -- just like the college and prison communities -- know that I have no problem talking, I mean preaching, for a lengthy period of time. Perhaps I became too defensive thinking the question, asked in front of everyone, was a way to suggest that I'd find it easy to fill three hours of airtime each weekday talking about any number of things. Well, I assured the congregation that I did not have a program, but that I am a subscriber and that I listen to satellite radio in my car and at the office quite regularly.

I then told the guys that I found, "The Catholic Channel," on channel 117 ever since Sirius and XM merged. I became a fan of their program quite quickly! In fact, I added that offering the Catholic Channel to the world was ingenious on the part of Edward Cardinal Egan. If he did nothing else in his episcopacy, the founding of that channel in and of itself was pretty darn incredible!

Well the coach mentioned that he was sure that his wife was driving around and either heard me talking on the radio -- pretty scary -- or that folks on the channel were talking about me. Naturally, beyond curiosity, this led to a little obsession on my part -- I've been pretty glued to the channel when not listening to another favorite, "Fox News Channel." They're 'fair and balanced,' you know, so I'm always tuning in!!!

Well guess what, "Where there's smoke, there's fire!"

Tomorrow I will be a guest on "Seize the Day" with Gus Lloyd on the Catholic Channel (Sirius 159; XM 117) at 9:35 AM Eastern / 8:35 AM Central. I have written here about Gus and his program at the onset of this summer --- so it's pretty ironic that I've been called upon to be a guest on his show to talk specifically about my 13 year relationship with the Packer organization and my 2 year relationship with Catholic Athletes for Christ.

The program will be generated out of New York, but the host will enter the airwaves from Tampa and Yours Truly from DePere. Now since the Warren Sapp / Chad Clifton / Mike Sherman incident years ago, I have developed a pretty strong bias against the Buccaneers and our encounters at Raymond James Stadium. However, looking at the calendar, I realize that I'll be back there on November 8th. As such, I'll try to keep much of my thoughts to myself and focus on the works of CAC!

In fact, that's what the conversation will be about on Friday -- the great work and ministry that was undertaken singlehandedly by Ray McKenna. Sure, he's grown the organization quite nicely since its foundation, with all sorts of advisers including bishops, priests, sports figures... ... but it's Ray's good work that allows so much of what we do to take place in the world of sports. (More about that later!)

If the time or interest presents itself, and if I don't bomb completely, I'd like to return again to the program to talk about prison ministry, educational opportunities for young students who are under served, Catholic ministry in a college setting... ... ... Any number of other issues come to mind that are equally close to my heart. Time will tell!

But these days, and especially in these parts, it seems as though thoughts are turning to the football season starting up. Our high school youth are already engaged in team practices as early as yesterday in our neck of the woods. Our Green Knights arrive on Friday, and in Green Bay, well, the brand new Ray Nitschke Field is already pretty warn down from plenty of use. ....Are you ready???....


For more information on the good work provided by Catholic Athletes for Christ, please check out... ....



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