The Weekend is Here: CELEBRATE!

While the humidity is supposed to simmer down just a bit as Saturday rises, you still might be looking for a little refreshment while hanging out at Life Fest, attending a wedding at Old Saint Joe's, heading off to a weekend Mass or making your way to Miller Park to cheer on the Brew Crew!

If you're looking for something to cool you off, good old fashioned water might do the trick. Perhaps something a little less 'old-fashioned' such as Evian might quench your thirst.

Or maybe their latest commercial will be even better. These little kids certainly know how to spend a summer weekend day -- the scene makes me reach for a cool one just by watching their workout!

Enjoy the ride, folks... ... ... ... ...

(Scroll down to end of article to watch the kids!)



poweromenesko said...

We saw this in REH and couldn't keep from laughing and watching it again!

Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely darling. I can just imagine little "Jimmy" rollerskating at that age, with his "angelic" smile and all that dark hair!!! ("Hair today, gone tomorrow.")

I'll keep my fingers crossed that no one "goes toward the bright light" before you depart from OSJ.

Have a safe, restful, fun trip to "Paradise" !!!


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