May the Real Angels Lead You Into Paradise!

Given we were both products of the 70's, I cannot believe that my brother or I did not display that familiar image on our bedroom walls as did many other young guys in the late 70's and early 80's. Life stood still as most guys my age would watch Jill Munroe and the other Charlie's Angels take over the tube at 9:00 PM on Wednesday nights on ABC TV. Farrah seemed to be the inspiration behind all sorts of young women feathering their hair in a similar angelic sort of look.

Did you realize that Farrah was a devout Roman Catholic? It is rumored that her Mass of Christian Burial will take place in the Los Angeles Cathedral -- ironically named, "Our Lady of the Angels," situated in the heart of the "City of Angels."

Between all those beauty aid commercials, "Angels" and "The Battle of the Network Stars," Farrah made TV watching an adventure for young guys. She would loose her battle with cancer earlier this morning. Farrah, "May the Angels lead you into paradise, may the Martyrs come to welcome you and take you to the Holy City, the new and heavenly Jerusalem!"


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