If I Weren't in Phoenix this Weekend, I'd be in Spokane!

Over the years, David Kuttner has been a frequent guest at Saint Joseph Priory. Often for a retreat, sometimes simply for a little time off, David would quietly fold into our way of life.

David became familiar with us due to the hospitality and mentoring of Father Tim Shillcox. Tim met David while on sabbatical several years ago. Not surprisingly, many of the seminarians that got to know Tim would seek him out for spiritual direction. Tim continues to maintain a close relationship with many of these guys -- we are blessed in Community Life whereby Tim's friends quickly become our friends!

Father Tim spent much of the past week at Saint John Abbey out in Collegeville where I believe the two first met. Tim had the blessed privilege of directing David's ordination retreat. Tim left today for Spokane to attend the ordination on Friday. At the same hour, Tim will take part in an ordination of a very good man; I'll be presiding in Phoenix at the wedding of an equally blessed couple. God's Grace knows no geographical bounds this weekend, for no matter where one goes, "God's flock is in your midst!" On Sunday morning at Mass, I'll be thinking of and praying for David and his family -- perhaps you can do the same while also thinking of JJ and Laura and their families. Being Church for and with one another, let's "Give them a shepherd's care!"

Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, Spokane.

(Although it looks just like St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Green Bay!)

And now, from the Office of Communications of the Diocese of Spokane:

On Friday, June 26, at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral, Bishop William Skylstad will ordain three men to the priesthood for the Diocese of Spokane: Deacons David Kuttner, Matthew Larsen, and Kevin Oiland.

Deacon David Kuttner’s hometown is Spokane, where he grew up in St. Thomas More Parish. His parents are Dave and Bernadine Kuttner, and he has a brother and sister, both of whom are married with families. Deacon Kuttner graduated from Mead High School in 1987. He earned a B.S. degree in Physical and Health Education from Eastern Oregon State College, in LaGrande, Ore. Before entering Bishop White Seminary in 2001, for four years he taught special education in mathematics at a public high school in Hoquiam, Wash., where he also coached baseball. For one year, prior to entering Bishop White, he did graduate studies in Theology at St. John University, College-ville, Minn.

During his deacon year in Rome, Deacon Kuttner worked in university ministry with architecture students from the University of Notre Dame. He also made two trips during this year, one at Christmas, the other at Easter, to Ethiopia and Lithuania respectively, where he lived and worked with the Missionaries of Charity. He also served as a deacon during this year at two Missionaries of Charity houses in Rome.

The Missionaries “have been a constant witness to me of the spiritual gift of ‘poverty,’ which they live so deeply in their total dedication to the poorest members of the human family,” Deacon Kuttner said. “Their presence and influence this year has changed my life and heart, and I am grateful we have the Sisters in our own Diocese of Spokane.”

“As a priest, I look forward to simply praying with people and being an instrument through which people come to deeply experience Christ’s personal love for them, especially in and through the gift of prayer,” he said. “As for what I might find most challenging as a priest, I would imagine it would be to suffer in love on behalf of others, especially those God is calling me to serve in the parish.”

Following ordination, Father Kuttner will be assigned as Parochial Vicar to his home parish of St. Thomas More, in Spokane.


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