Forever Father & Son!

Over the past couple of years, I've used this forum to recommend some Father's Day gifts (namely books and DVDs) as the third Sunday in June approaches. Well, I'm doing it again. And as you can see, I'm tapping into a flic that I've watched over the past two nights that was released on DVD last Tuesday, 26 May 2009.

In many ways, it takes on a theme that you may have noticed in any number of feel-good sports movies that seem to follow a familiar mantra -- remember my thoughts about "Gridiron Gang?" Yet, this one delves deeply into Father / Son relationships which also happens to be based on actual events. I suspect that this gift might not just be something that sons can get for dad, but this seems even more appropriate for a dad to give to a son on Father's Day -- as strange as that may seem.

At first, I thought of Tommy and Bill (TEX) Katzfey, given the father and son's long standing commitment to rugby -- a sport I've only witnessed once in my life! But it's more about budding manhood and the establishment of winning off the field than it is about athleticism or winning on the gridiron.

This movie has won the "Truly Moving Picture Award," which means even Father Conrad might approve! Time will tell when I gear up to watch it with him for a third time. Stop in to Best Buy and pick up a copy -- I suspect you won't be disappointed!


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