A Face Created for RADIO!

After a couple of weeks of planning, I took to the air waves this morning at 9:00 AM. Just about a year ago, some producers of Catholic Radio Chicago approached me at the Relevant Radio headquarters in Green Bay, asking if I would be willing to be a recurring guest on a Chicago-based extension of Relevant Radio's programming in the Windy City. Last year I presided over several Masses for Relevant Radio which were broadcast nationally. Well it seems as though the Archdiocese of Chicago taps into the national programming for their own local programming on occasion. The set up: to engage in a debate, I mean CONVERSATION, with Scalabrini Father Nick Marro, the Catholic chaplain for "da Bears." Today was the anticipated day of finally airing the program -- live.

I made sure I closed the door of my priory room, turned off the ringer on my office telephone line, muted the TV, and shut off the air conditioning. I was poised and ready to go. The telephone call from the producer came at about 8:56 AM and he told me that we'd be going live soon. Before I knew it, it was Francis Cardinal George on the other end of the call -- or sort-of! I heard his familiar voice come over the phone stating, "This is Francis Cardinal George, Archbishop of the Chicago Catholic Archdiocese. I'd like to welcome you to the following live program... ... ..." Guess what, it was his pre-recorded stock greeting to the weekly program! I am sure his regular listeners knew the routine. For some reason, I just imagined it was he on the other side of the phone call conversation! Not today!

Given the hours of sleeplessness last night -- was is the heat and humidity or stage freight? -- I must say the event went without a hitch. .....Although, it was VERY ONE SIDED. As one who's accustomed to "Fair and Balanced" reporting (!), Father Nick was introduced with the "Bear, Down, Chicago Bears" song in the background. I was introduced in total silence! I asked where my cheery music was -- no such luck!

The conversation was quite pleasant, but lasted for just 10 minutes before breaking for a commercial. Upon our return, we went live as the next segment was re-introduced with that same nasty song serving as the bumper to introduce Part II. The host continued as he gave credit to the 1985 rendition of the 1941 fight song as he re-introduce his two guests stating, "Father Jim, I have an image of you dancing to that music at your Saint Norbert College office!" In return, I offered my condolences that they would have to go all the way back to 1985 in order to find some cheerful Bears tunage! Even Father Nick got a kick out of that one!

Obviously, most sports-fans' minds are on baseball these days. In fact, I hope to get to Miller Park once July arrives to cheer on our other local team! Having been in the minority earlier today, I did get to Hinkle Field for our first mini-Camp of the season. The coaches and team looked great! On Wednesday night, the great diaspora will take place as players and coaches head out for summer vacations. In anticipation of their arrival back to summer training camp, I've been asked to re-appear on the radio program with Father Nick as the NFL Sunday Kickoff with da Bears takes place. Until then, let's continue to pray for the Chicagoans' conversion -- our SNC students included!

Entering the airwaves in Chicago, I did not feel intimidated, but perhaps just a bit lonely. Here's some inspiration from some friends closer to home:


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COOL ..... next time, let your parish know when we can hear your dulcet tones on the airwaves !!!


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