Normally on Pentecost, we hear stories of faithful people headed out from one place, "to reach to the ends of the earth!" This weekend at Saint Norbert, we experience the opposite as the "Snow Birds" return to the Riverside South and VanderZanden Apartments on the Saint Norbert College Campus. Some of these folks have been coming here for years and years. Not only are they a welcome site from the college's perspective, I am sure, but given they normally worship at Old Saint Joe's, I can say with full assurance that we welcome them home whole-heartedly!

As I was out walking the campus this morning, I witnessed several of our students who work in Residential Life welcoming these folks to their home-away-from-home as they were on hand to help the folks move their belongings into their summertime cottages. It was a very kind gesture on the part of the college and our students -- and for some very well deserving people, indeed!

So if you're coming to Sunday's 9:00 AM Mass, and you see people with a more pronounced tan than that of the regulars, odds are they're coming from Alabama, Arizona, Florida or somewhere else of a warmer climate. Be sure to welcome them home and be sure to wish them a Blessed Pentecost!

* NOTE: Not actual plates of SNC visitors, but file photos from Department of Transportation!


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