Above you see my Spring Break destination later this week -- the balmy sun-stricken shores of the mighty Spring Brook in downtown Antigo! ....Oops, wrong picture....

Nevertheless, I am hoping that I'll be able to get a few days off and away this week for a little business and a little pleasure. My plans have been readjusted given a parish funeral that will take place on campus on Tuesday. As such, I will spend considerable time today, Monday and Tuesday to do a little spring cleaning in my bedroom and college office. That will be a task where I'll literally roll in one of those mini dumpsters to rid myself of so many unnecessary things. I pray for the endurance to not fill up the new-found empty space in closets and drawers. I'll also do some funeral planning and wrap up the time in DePere with a parish Finance Council meeting on Wednesday at 7:50 AM. Then off for a few days.

During the time away, I have several movies that I'll be watching on my 7 inch 'belly-telly'! Most of these have been recommended to me by friends who know of my interest in movies. Take a gander:

The time away, however, will not be spent solely watching a few flics. There's a book I want to finish, a new one to begin and a third that I've been looking for without success. I'm almost finished with, "A Man of the Beatitudes;" I've been skimming, "An Ordinary Christian;" and for the life of me, I cannot find a book recommended to me at one of my recent talks, "The Shoemaker's Gospel." Therefore, that one might not come my way until closer to Holy Week.

Besides that entertainment, I'll be working on two final talks for Lent-- one with the fathers and sons of Xavier High School in Appleton and a presentation for Legatus. I also have a few notes to take for next Monday's meeting of Old Saint Joe's, "Dead Theologians Society." It's much better than it sounds! The break will be wrapped up by attending next Sunday's 10:15 Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes to celebrate the burning of the mortgage on the new church -- exactly 10 years to the weekend from the dedication of that sacred space. It promises to be a wonderful conclusion to what I hope will be a great, great week.

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And as always, stay tuned; there's more to come while I make my way around Northeastern Wisconsin!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen "The Milagro Bean Field War" ?

I think you'll enjoy it.

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