I Can't Wait to Share the Next Entry With You: STAY TUNED!

Sorry for the delay in writing, folks, but with travel for annual meetings in Indianapolis, work in LaCrosse, getting the church ready for Lent, the celebration of Ash Wednesday Masses... ... it's been easy to be a bit distanced from the computer. The forecast isn't much better, either. Between now and SNC's Spring Break, I have various presentations to give at Saint Mary's in DePere tomorrow night, a presentation at Sacred Hearts in Sun Prairie on Sunday night, one in Appleton next Tuesday night and then another at Saint Anne's in Coleman next Thursday. That's all in addition to the regular stuff that takes place at a parish, in a prison, at a priory and in Packerland. Spring Break will be a welcome sight on Friday the 13th!

Before that day arrives, however, I will definitely find the time to share a bit of an amusing story with you -- at least I find it pretty amusing, which just may concern some of you! It is a story that will bring a smile to the 40 year olds who partake in this blog -- but I'm afraid the story just might frighten my current students.

So please stay tuned as the weekend approaches. The pictures to begin and end this entry -- courtesy of THINKFILM Studios -- might give you an idea of where I'm headed. Get Ready to DANCE... ... ...!


Anonymous said...

WHEW ...you're back ... I was ready to put out an APB on you!!!

That's what happens when you're so damn good at what you do, everyone wants a piece of you!

Will watch this blog for "the rest of the story" .


Anonymous said...

Good to see you are on blogspot Fr. Jim....I guess I never knew you were on here until I was just surfing tonight. So, of all the times I've contacted you in the past number of months.....are you going to call or e-mail soon??? You know who I am.....hehehe. Peter B.

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