A Cardinal of a Different Sort!

PHOTO: Fred Walsh

It may sound like a track from The Best of Cheech and Chong, but "On the first day of my Spring Break, I got up!" In this case, it must have been around 5:30 AM at the sound of birds outside my window, the first sounds of the season! Given it was so nice yesterday, I spent most of the day cleaning my priory rooms as well as the trunk of my car -- I've been in a pitching frenzy these days; it makes for great spring cleaning. Open windows would accompany the springtime ritual up to 11 PM; there was no need to close the windows given it was still pretty pleasant outside.

It was my intention to wake up to the alarm at 7AM -- just in time for Lauds -- (much later than usual now that we're on break). However, the birds were not sleeping in today; as such, nor was I. So with nothing else to do, I went to the window to peer outside and I saw the most brilliant looking cardinal -- a nice sight to be seen on the lawn of a house of Religious! It seemed to set the day in motion in a pretty stunning way.

So the clean-up continues. This afternoon I'll move into my JMS office to start the pitching there. Through it all I'll be thinking of Chris as I work on the homily for tomorrow's funeral. <-- I just wrote, "Christ" instead of Chris! Perhaps that's no mistake, huh? Connecting the dots between Chris' life and the life of Christ is a great start to the homily, for sure! So the day's beauty will continue.

Enjoy the spring weather!


Anonymous said...

I've watched several sunrises this week and was always serenaded by a cardinal in the topmost branches catching those first rays; another sign of God's beauty. His song always lightens my heart ...it's a sure sign of spring (regardless of any subsequent snowfalls)and he makes me feel he came out to sing just for me; we have a chat and I thank him (and Jesus) for his presence.


Katie C said...

I have had a long time connection with Cardinals. They remind me of my grandfather who passed away over 10 years ago. Many a time when having a tough day or facing a big decision, etc. a cardinal has come across my path and I immediately think of him as though he is letting me know he is with me. Thank you for posting that!!
I will be touring 3 prisons in the coming weeks (Taycheedah, Waupun and GBCI)! Should be....interesting....
Hope all is well with you and that you have a good few weeks coming up until the end of the semester!

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