A Totally Impressive Man: Best of Luck Coach Mike Stock!

Special Teams Coordinator Mike Stock announced his retirement today after three years of service to the Green Bay Packers. Much will be said of Mike's honorable contributions to the franchise over the next few days. Let me say this much -- he's one hell of a decent guy!

Almost consistently, Mike was one of the first guys to show up for Game Day, Sunday and Holy Day Masses. His early presence at Mass always gave me the opportunity to see how he was doing, how his wife Peggy was doing, and often we had time to spare to talk about Church -- a topic dear to each of our hearts! He is a man of great passion -- on the field and off. And he is a man of intense faith -- during the Mass and beyond the gathering as well. I will truly miss this very good person -- and mentor!

All the best, Mike! As fine as the Packers are, the organization finds the secret to its greatness in special people like you. You will always remain in my prayers -- please keep me in yours as well!


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