"MAKING MY LIST AND CHECKING IT TWICE:" What Mom and Dad will NOT Be Getting for Christmas!

The calls from my brother and sisters have been coming with the annual question of what we should get Mom and Dad for Christmas. We're not necessarily "going in" on something together, but we try our best not to duplicate gifts. And when it comes to Teresa, she's usually asking for ideas! Naturally, I do not share with my siblings the ideas that come to my mind. Rather, I covet these ideas, revelling in finding an answer to my annual dilemma of what do you get your parents who seem to have everything? Later this week, I'll begin to see if my ideas even exist out there -- and then again, can I afford them?!

That having been said, and knowing that my Mom will soon be reading this, I can't tell you here what Mom and Dad will receive this Christmas, but I can tell you what my parents will NOT be getting for Christmas -- those crazy "Listen Up" devices that you see in every third commercial on TV!

I suspect many of you use commercial time to get up and get something from the kitchen or make a phone call. If you're a Norbertine, you'll probably put the commercial on mute or at least soft-mute. Seeing certain commercials over and over, some I've come to enjoy -- others I despise. Such is the case of "Listen Up!" The elderly couple featured in the add should be the poster couple for "Divorce Court." The gentlemen in the ad certainly seems self-centered or out of touch of the needs of others around him -- he's a bit of a dolt! But then again, the wife seems even worse -- actually, she's down right nasty! She always seems to be complaining about something -- speaking down to him, basically telling him to get a life or better yet, just get lost!

Later in the commercial, she does crack a bit of a smile -- it's when she's at the mailbox stalking her neighbors, eavesdropping in on their own juicy gossip. Later in the commercial, we learn that this is the stuff she takes to church as she's either accelerating the volume or putting the preacher on mute! I live in fear that some day she'll show up at Old Saint Joe's -- that's when I'll join her husband in getting lost!

So listen up, "Listen Up:" You make people in your ads look foolish, nasty and mean! While I was slightly amused by the characters about 30 commercials ago, I'm now fed up with them! So "all I want for Christmas" this year is a universal remote control -- with the ability to get lost when Mr. & Mrs. Sunshine appear. That will be difficult considering the guy is also sporting a burgundy "Snuggy" in a different commercial -- and yes, he's watching TV and eating popcorn again! That's all he seems to do! Let's just pray his wife doesn't get too upset and get her hands on one of the colorful, "Aqua Globes!" Can you imagine what she could do with one of those babies?


Anonymous said...


Your absence was duly noted.

HOORAY ... I thought perhaps I was the only one who quickly muted that ridiculous commercial ... but then, is there any other kind? Occasionally a clever ad appears but they are few and far between.

The best present you will give your Mom and Dad is, as the song relates: "I'll be home for Christmas".

With the departure of the students I hope you'll find a little "down time" for yourself.

Merry Christmas and Peace.


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