Go AWAY: (And Head North, If You Can!)

Appreciating the mid-semester long weekend, I went for an early "Sunday Drive" today -- headed to Antigo to pick up something from Mom and Dad's house. I decided to take my camera with me, realizing that the Fall colors up nort' just might be at their peak. While headed north via Hwy. 47 in the heart of the Menominee Reservation, I pulled to the side of the road to catch a picture of the beautiful scenery just north of Neopit. As I stood alongside the road to get the perfect picture, the camera read, "No Card!" While I made deliberate attempts to have the battery charged for the trip, I did not, unfortunately, check for the card. As such, no pictures for you to see here. I did do a Google search for "fall colors" and several scenes popped up, including the one above which looks so similar to any number of the scenes I encountered earlier today.

So if you want to see a live scene like the one offered above, just "Go away!" If Joyce Tullbane can tell our students for several years now to simply "go away" (and take part in overseas travel and study abroad), perhaps I can encourage some of you to take a few hours off on Saturday to catch the beautiful scenery up north. You will love what you see.

I'll make another trip up north for Mom's birthday next week; hopefully I'll remember all that I need to have to bring back some colorful scenes. Until then, try your best to "Go Away!"


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