I received a phone call from Packer Operations on Wednesday night telling me not to make plans for dinner on Thursday night. Coach McCarthy knew that our dinner plans would be limited given we were staying outside of Denver given the flurry of activity in the city limits due to the Democratic National Convention. As such, the Coach arranged for a dinner for all of his assistant coaches and members of the administration to dine at a ski chalet in the midst of the Rocky Mountains high above the city of Boulder.

We would need to take a couple of shuttle buses because large, normal size buses would never be able to navigate the steep terrain. The dinner would also be rather quick given the coaches would need to be back to the hotel for team meetings with plenty of time to spare.

Coach's generosity was not overlooked. He has a great capacity to know how to bring his "team" together, and the results are always victorious. Perhaps he knows very well that "a way to a man's heart is through the stomach!" We are all grateful for Coach's kind spirit.

It seems as though President Thomas Kunkel has a similar philosophy for winning over hearts. On Monday, he will extend his spirit of hospitality to the college community in a similar, yet different way. I cannot say much at this hour -- because it is his gift to the community, not mine. Suffice to say, the President is making his mark in a very down-to-earth, Wisconsinite sort of way.

Best of luck to Mike and Tom in the year ahead! May they be equally victorious this year, knowing where "God's flock" resides!


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