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Accustomed to performing in front of crowds, 13-year-old Jack Janowicz of Ledgeview will sing on his biggest stage yet before the Packers Family Night scrimmage at sold-out Lambeau Field on Sunday night, Aug. 3. A towering statue of legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi is to the right of Jack outside the Lambeau Field Atrium on Friday, July 25. Todd McMahon/The De Pere Journal

While some fans might be singing the blues about possibly not seeing Brett Favre on Sunday night, Jack Janowicz will be belting out a number that could raise everyone's spirits at Lambeau Field.

Jack, a 13-year-old from Ledgeview, was selected to sing the national anthem for the Green Bay Packers' Family Night intrasquad scrimmage. "It's going to be a big deal," said Jack, who expects to have some nerves before his solo performance. "But, I think I can really do this. I think this is going to be really fun, and it's going to turn out to be more fun than nervous."

Jack is accustomed to performing in front of crowds. He has been involved with performance workshops and music theater since he was 7. He also is part of the choir at De Pere Middle School, where he will be entering eighth grade in the upcoming school year.

He acknowledged, however, that singing the national anthem at a Green Bay Bullfrogs baseball game at Joannes Stadium, where he's appeared a handful of times the last couple summers, won't compare to the experience that awaits him Sunday.

The Packers are expecting a sellout crowd of more than 60,000 — not including the luxury boxes — for the scrimmage. The football team's illustrious stadium has a seating capacity of 72,928.

"One (recent) night when I was singing for the Bullfrogs, I was like, 'This is about a thousand people. Great, times that by 70,'" Jack said. "Then, I actually started getting nervous about singing" (at Family Night).

His mother, Maria, reminded him that all eyes won't be on him long.

"It's a minute and a half, only a minute and a half of your life," Maria said.

Kandi Goltz, marketing entertainment coordinator for the Packers, told Jack that he is slated to have his 90 seconds of fame at approximately 7:35 Sunday night, following player introductions for the scrimmage.

Jack will sing the national anthem on the Lambeau Field turf, standing in front of the Packers bench area on the southwest side of the field.

He will have to arrive at the stadium at 5 p.m. for a sound check, during which Packers officials will time his singing of the anthem. They want to make sure they synchronize Jack's last note with a military fly-over from the north end of the stadium when he sings live before the scrimmage.

"I just hope to look up at my family and see them and say, 'Here we are,'" said Jack, a Packers fan who has attended several games at Lambeau Field with family. "I'm going to be in shock. I won't be able to believe that I'm actually singing it and what an honor it is to be there."

Jack's parents, Joe and Maria, and brother Paul, 14, will be allowed to stand on the sideline and take pictures when Jack sings. More than 10 family members and friends will be in attendance. "We're very proud of him," Maria said.

The Rev. Jim Baraniak recommended Jack to Goltz to perform the national anthem Sunday. Baraniak is pastor at Old St. Joseph Church on the St. Norbert College campus in De Pere, where the Janowiczes are parishioners, and team chaplain for the Packers.

Maria Janowicz said Baraniak was wowed by Jack's singing ability when he attended a spring performance of "Godspell" put on by the Calvary Players, a community theater Jack joined this year.

Jack also performs with De Pere-based Round Table Theatre.

He began receiving instruction from Michael Rosewall, St. Norbert associate professor of music/voice, this summer.

Jack, whose singing voice is a baritone, aspires to go into music theater when he gets older.
He also would like to audition for "American Idol," a popular TV singing competition, when he reaches the minimum age requirement of 16.

"I like singing more than acting, but I definitely do enjoy acting as well," Jack said.

De Pere Middle School principal Tammy Woulf hopes Jack's local notoriety as a singer will entice other boys at the school to join the choir. Woulf said the group of more than 100 has about only a dozen male participants.

"He definitely shines," Woulf said. "He's just got that charismatic personality. He's got that charm to him. The kids like him."

Jack Janowicz should have a good summer story to share with classmates when school starts after Labor Day.

Flanked by his mother, Maria, left, and brother, Paul, right, Ledgeview resident Jack Janowicz stands on the turf at Lambeau Field on Friday, July 25, near where he will sing the national anthem in front of the Green Bay Packers bench area before the team's intrasquad scrimmage Sunday night, Aug. 3. Jack will be entering eighth grade at De Pere Middle School. Todd McMahon/The De Pere Journal

JTB: Lambeau will get a taste of Old Saint Joe's when Jack takes the field on Sunday night. Our congregation is blessed by the Janowicz's presence at Old St. Joe's week after week. In fact, as ministers of hospitality, this family is often the 'first family' people see when entering our church atrium.

One year ahead of me at SNC, I've known Maria for many years; she is a great friend, indeed! Just as impressive as her is her wonderful husband, Joe. Given yesterday was the Memorial of St. Ignatius of Loyola, I will refrain from ripping on Joe's clothing (he is often sporting clothes that include insignia of his beloved Alma mater, Marquette. In fact, even Paul was wearing the blue and gold this past Tuesday!) Maria and Joe have blessed the world with Paul and Jack -- two great guys to be sure.

Maria sent me an email that features Jack singing the National Anthem. If I knew how to link it to this blog, I would do so -- but I have no clue as to how that is achieved. Just as well, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise of hearing him live at Lambeau or on Fox 11 on Sunday night.

I know Jack will do a wonderful job on Sunday. Even Eduardo was asking for Jack's autograph this past Tuesday -- he knows talent when he sees and hears it!

Do as well as you did for your audition, Jack, and all will be well. And remember, "He who sings once, prays twice!" Know of my prayers for this very good family; this Sunday and always!

And above you see a picture of the entire family. No need to photoshop any Marquette-wear out of this pic!

ARTICLE: DePere Journal


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