TWO GUYS WHO DESERVE A LONG WEEKEND; Just in Time for the 4th!

Congratulations to a good friend and a member of Old Saint Joe's: John Ravizza, who became the principal of Notre Dame Academy this past Tuesday. John had previously served as the academy's associate principal. I kiddingly wondered with John how well he'd do in the job considering he smiles so much -- that's not the way I remember my vice principals! Obviously, John did very well in that capacity considering he was tapped as NDA's new principal.

Over the years, I've appreciated John's pastoral spirit and how he has helped create a well-rounded, holistic approach to Catholic secondary education -- an education that informs the heart as much as the mind and body. Together with his wife, Dr. Bridget Burke-Ravizza and their three children, the family occupies the northwest corner of our church each weekend. While I am personally aware of Bridget's accomplishments in the college classroom and John's administrative gifts at the high school, I never underestimate the effect they have on their St. Norbert / Notre Dame students, respectively, by their abiding presence at Old Saint Joe's.

All the best to you, John. And if it ever feels as though the smile is fading, come on over -- we'll take care of that!

And of course, my Confrere, Father Dane, deserves a vacation as well. Having served this past academic year as both President and acting-Principal, Dane has juggled a few balls in the air this past year, but has done so incredibly well. Best of luck to Dane as his responsibilities resume to some sense of normalcy. Dane, you deserve a break today! Ever consider driving out to Colorado Springs?

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