There's No Avoiding It!

I've often feared that some of our St. Norbert students from Chicago (like Billy Whalen these past four years, or even "Katie C." from a few years back who often writes to us via the blog's "Reader Comments" on various occasions) would deface my doors with Chicago Bears graffiti. Fortunately, I haven't had to clean up after and burn any blue and orange decorations as of yet.

However, coming to the office last Friday, I noticed that someone had decorated my doors with green and gold, wondering, "will he return?" I suspect Peggy is up to her shenanigans!

Only time will tell how these events will be resolved; but I can tell you this much and with true sincerity: all involved in the issues you've seen unfold over these past few days are very good and caring people. I trust that all will be well in the end, given the caliber of those at the center of the dilemma.

Saint Sebastian: PRAY FOR US!

PS: 1966 was, indeed, a very good year!


Anonymous said...

Check your door in the morning for the latest in the saga of the "Green and Gold" !!!


Someone else is in the decorating business?

Anonymous said...

What's the connection with Saint Sebastian?

From an uninformed parishioner.

Katie C said...

I would not openly deface your door...I would probably find something more covert and sinister. And then confess it to you later so I could be absolved. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmm ... l966 was indeed a GREAT YEAR - not because of the Packers Championship but (more importantly)I believe it was the year of the arrival of our Beloved Pastor ...July 25!!!

Am I right?


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