The Packers will be coming back to town soon and taking up residence at Saint Norbert College. Gearing up for Packer activities, I added a little Packer Pride on the left of this page that suggests, "Sometimes to win the game, you have to loose your voice," as the Packer marketing department taught us last year!

You'll notice other additions to the left side which will change on occasion. Along the sidebar includes videos that are powered by YouTube and created by Catholics Come Home; they do great work. Also included are other blogs I think you might find interesting. Sean Cardinal O'Malley, OFM Cap. writes entries every Friday morning. In addition to the pectoral cross around his neck must be a camera because he offers some of the best pictures around.

"Whispers" is one of the best blogs I've found out there -- that is, if you're a bit of a Catholic Geek like me! He breaks information before it breaks! You'll love his stuff; I check it out constantly.

And then there is something I just stumbled upon recently, the "Packerland Annals." I have not read this real closely, but it features great pictures of Green Bay architecture. I've 'read' the pictures more than the text thus far, but I'll go back and read when more time allows. Also, when more time allows, I'll include some of the websites I check out with great regularity; hopefully you'll find some of these sites inspiring or informative.

So, as we learned in sophomore year's driver's ed, be sure to "check left, check right and then proceed!"


Katie C said...

Darn. I thought the title indicated a new political leaning for you... :-)

I will be in touch soon to see if you still want to do the guest lecture in my class. I would love it but given your schedule I wonder if I should even be asking!!

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