LIZ'S PRAYER FOR A HAPPY FOURTH: "If you love peace, all will be well!"

I've often felt as though St. Elizabeth of Portugal gets "short sheeted" when it comes to the celebration of her [optional] memorial. Given so many people are taking the day off today, the Mass census will be depleted to begin with. Once the faithful arrives at Mass, the presider may have chosen to celebrate a Mass "For Civil Needs," which would certainly tie the liturgy with the obvious secular feast that our nation celebrates today, Independence Day. If I were Liz, I'd be gunning for a "transfer of feast!" But then again, perhaps that's why I am not a saint; I suspect St. Elizabeth never asked for a feast day, and she'd probably be a bit embarrassed by such attention, even if it does fall on an American national holiday when many people are either sleeping in or off to a parade -- or presiding over two wedding rehearsals!

Nevertheless, "upon further review," we find that Liz spent her entire life working for peace -- not only nationally, but certainly within her own family, the church of the home! As you make your way throughout the day --- hopefully living life a little differently today than most Fridays -- perhaps her story can inspire your own, taking heart in knowing, "If you love peace, all will be well!

Happy Optional Memorial of
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal;
Happy 4th of July!

"Elizabeth, a Spanish princess, was born in 1271. She married King Denis of Portugal at the age of twelve. Elizabeth was beautiful and very lovable. She was also devout and went to Mass every day. Elizabeth was a charming wife. Her husband was fond of her at first, but soon he began to cause her great suffering. Though a good ruler, he did not have his wife's love of prayer and virtue. In fact, his sins of impurity were well-known scandals throughout his kingdom. St. Elizabeth tried to be a loving mother to her children, Alphonso and Constance. She was also generous and loving with the people of Portugal. Even though her husband was unfaithful, she prayed that he would have a change of heart. Elizabeth refused to become bitter and resentful. She strengthened her own prayer life and followed the Franciscan spirituality. Gradually, the king was moved by her patience and good example. He began to live better. He apologized to his wife and showed her greater respect. In his last sickness the queen never left his side, except for Mass. King Denis died on January 6, 1325. He had shown deep sorrow for his sins and his death was peaceful. Elizabeth lived eleven more years. She performed loving acts of charity and penance. She was a wonderful model of kindness toward the poor. This gentle woman was also a peacemaker between members of her own family and between nations. St. Elizabeth of Portugal died on July 4, 1336. She was proclaimed a saint by Pope Urban VIII in 1626. "If you love peace, all will be well."-St. Elizabeth "

SAINT'S PICTURE: "The Human Flower Project"
SAINT'S BIOGRAPHY: Catholic Online


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