Given the 12:20 NN Mass at Old Saint Joe's and the evening Masses in Burke Hall have subsided for the summer months, I've been assisting at other places this summer where there are pastoral needs. Perhaps the Mass that I've been celebrating this summer with the greatest regularity is at the national headquarters for Relevant Radio in Allouez.

I celebrated the Daily Mass several times in the past a few years back, assuming I was simply presiding for the crowd that gathered in the chapel day after day, week after week, year after year! It was only later that I learned that the Mass was being broadcast nationally across the stations owned and operated by the Catholic radio network. This summer, I have resumed celebrating those Masses, and the greatest challenge for me is to keep it to 27 minutes! (Let me guess, you're not surprised!)

Our Daily Masses at OSJ are aways within the half hour. Normally, there are only two readings, no spoken creed and no music (with the exception of the service music). These are reverent Masses; beautiful moments of worship in their own simplicity. At the Relevant Radio studios, there is a nice sized congregation that gathers, and the music is quite beautiful. The lectors at the Mass certainly have "radio voices" which add to the sophistication of the Mass. But then there's yours truly!

Tonight I went through the "archives" and tuned into one of my recent Masses. Interestingly enough, I tapped into the Mass while I was listening to the "Currently On the Air" program that was featuring Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. My God, by comparison I must truly bore the faithful listeners! It was a bit freaky for me to hear my own voice while presiding at Mass -- I've always found the sound of my voice to be different than what I would expect; and most others say the same thing about themselves when they hear their own recorded voice: to one's self, it just does not sound natural. The sound I heard tonight should be enough motivation to get next Friday's Mass down to 27 minutes!

While I have absolutely no clue as to who is taking part in the Masses across the country, I must say that the congregation that gathers at the studio-chapel is quite reverent and welcoming. Naturally, while preaching, I often look for Nancy Jensen who has worked for the network, I believe, since its conception. Nancy worked for many years at Premontre High School (where I originally met her); as such, she's a great friend of the Norbertine Community. John Cavil, a good friend, is also in attendance and others are becoming friends -- it's wonderful to have such kind people gathered who participate with such active and prayerful fervor; it reminds me of presiding at OSJ or at Lourdes.

A good friend of mine once mentioned that he jogs to the Relevant Radio Masses and various podcasts. I do not know how to tap into & download podcasts -- I'll need the assistance of the college students to get that going for me. Until then, I just plan on practicing the homilies on the trail.

Aside from the Masses, there's great programming on the waves, feel free to check it out; so will I. It certainly serves as a difference in programming compared to some of the stuff you can hear on "XM Radio" and "Sirius." And as always, let me know what you think when you tune in... ... ...

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Anonymous said...

Jim ... This is the first I've heard of this station; will check it out ... when and where do you offer this Mass? Is it open to the public, or is it just for people connected with the station?



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