Four Wonderful Book-ends of the Sunday Celebration: A Weekend of Weddings

The week was pretty intense for the SNC staff and administration as we welcomed to the college the class of 2012 together with their moms and dads at back-to-back-to-back freshmen orientation sessions. Naturally, this was our opportunity to welcome the newest members of our college community. At the same time, it was an opportunity to welcome their parents, many of whom are SNC alums. In fact, last year was the first time I experienced one of my SNC classmates (and good friend) who was here accompanying his daughter, now a sophomore at the college. This young woman's admission to our college is a constant reminder of how old I'm getting -- I am old enough to be her dad -- that scares me!

While there were opportunities to meet many of our students, I remember specifically one young woman and one young man who are very interested in the parish offerings. I suspect and hope that these two will be on hand to assist us in the fall; and each of them have the personality and charm to welcome others into the fold as well. Beyond these two first year students, there are many whom I excitedly wonder how their future will evolve. If history repeats itself, my Norbertine brothers and I will have the wonderful, privileged opportunity to preside over their weddings; not too soon, though, I hope!

The week is coming to a close with my presiding over two weddings with four of our alums. On Friday, wedding bells were ringing at 2:00 PM at Old Saint Joe's for Abby Binder and Brandon Rubens. In many ways, this seemed like a family wedding, considering I have exposure to them as they attend the 10:00 AM Mass here each weekend. Old Saint Joe's is truly blessed by their abiding presence in our church. While I wish Abby and Brandon all of the luck in the world, I have no doubt that I will continue to see them week after week. If you see them here on Sunday, be sure to congratulate them and thank them for their contributions to our college and church.

On Sunday I will head out to St. Paul of the Cross Catholic Church of Park Ridge, Illinois to assist at the wedding of recent graduates Billy Whalen and Kerry Ryan. Unlike Abby & Brandon, the college cannot claim credit for introducing Billy & Kerry considering they were high school sweethearts while attending Northridge Prep and Willows Academy. But their relationship would continue to grow and flourish here at the college, and I am grateful that they were very regular worshippers at the 7:00 PM Mass. Their chairs at OSJ will be filled by some of the impressive young men and women I met earlier this week. And in Billy & Kerry's absence, I am sure that St. Paul of the Cross and St. Mary of the Angels will be blessed by their energetic passion and great Catholic spirit.


Katie C said...

Enjoy Park Ridge--my grandmother and aunt live there. My cousin was just married at St. Paul of the Cross in November. It's a beautiful town!

Katie C said...

PS I forgot to add that yesterday when you posted this was our 12th anniversary. I still remember you laughing at the music guy in the choir loft :-) People in our family STILL talk about how wonderful you were and what a nice ceremony you did!

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