Confirming a Catholic Faith This Lent and Easter

Last night I had the opportunity to speak to the Confirmation Class of Sacred Hearts Catholic Church in Sun Prairie -- for the third year in a row. This year I was joined by SHs Parishioner, Luke Aumann, who also spoke at the event. Luke is a freshman at Saint Norbert this year. He did a great job representing the college to his hometown parish community.

While I did not share the beautiful commercial I shared with you in a previous blog this Lent, I did share the text of the 'Catholic Commercial' as the conclusion of my talk last night -- hoping the high school juniors would be as moved by the text as I have been.

In case you did not see the commercial or if you have and are as inspired by it as I have been, I offer the words to the advertisement here -- hoping you will consider the great impact the Church has had on society -- empowering us to keep the spirit going!

Thanks to "Catholics Come Home!" for the good work they do in sharing the Good News!

"Our family is made up of every race. We are young and old, rich and poor; men and women, sinners and saints. Our family has spanned the centuries and the globe. Through God’s grace we founded hospitals to care for the sick. We established orphanages and help the poor. We are the largest charitable organization on the planet, bringing relief and comfort to those in need. We educate more children than any other scholarly or religious institution. We developed the scientific method and laws of evidence. We founded the college system; we defend the dignity of all human life and uphold marriage and family. Cities are named after our revered saints who navigated a sacred path before us. Guided by the Holy Spirit we compiled the bible; we are transformed by sacred scripture and sacred tradition which have consistently guided us for over 2000 years.

We are the Catholic Church: with over 1 billion in our family, sharing in the sacraments and the fullness of our Christian faith. For centuries we have prayed for you and our world, every hour every day when we celebrate the Mass. Jesus himself laid the foundation for our faith when he said to Peter, the first Pope, ‘you are Rock, and upon this rock I will build my Church.’ For over two thousand years we have an unbroken line of shepherds guiding the church with love and truth in a confused and hurting world. And in this world filled with chaos, hardship and pain, it’s comforting to know that some things remain consistent, true and strong: our Catholic faith and eternal love our God has for all creation. If you’ve been away from the Catholic Church, we invite you to take another look, visit today. Ours is one family united in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We are Catholic. Welcome home!"


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