THIS LENT: Celebrating a CATHOLIC Culture

Given I was 'babysitting' my nephew Bosco, my sister's Canine Catholic for the past two weeks, I've regrettably been distant from this sight. ....But not so long that I did not have the time to read your comments over the last posting on Ash Wednesday: remarks made on the song, "Ashes." Thanks for the thoughts; I did not realize it would illicit such a reaction.

Amidst my journeys with Bosco, I've come to realize that I've created a bit of a mantra in my Lenten homilies. I've addressed several times this season my hope that my brother and sister parishioners, prisioners and Packers would celebrate a sense of pride in their Catholicity. By no means am I suggesting some sort of competition or dismissal of those who embrace a different faith tradition, but I do hope that as we continue on our Lenten journey together, we will have a greater love for so many 'jewels' of our faith tradition.

Towards that end, as Lent progresses, I will use this forum to share with you some of the reasons why I love the Church. I hope you might find some of the musings - amusing, entertaining, interesting or even moving. Amidst the posts, I'll keep you up to date on other issues, namely responding to somone who used this forum to ask more information about the dog at my side these days. While Bosco has now returned home safely, I'll share a few thought with you about him and many people's attachment to him in just two weeks -- myself included!

Until that post, please take a look at the following, by clicking on the site listed below -- a beautiful testimony about the Church. I hope you will be as moved as I was and am as I watch this over and over and over again. Thanks to Paul Utterback for the heads up on this particular site!

The primary picture accompanying "Celebrating a CATHOLIC Culture:" The Mass of Christian Burial for Archbishop Antoni Baraniak, 18 August 1977, a Selesian of Saint Francis deSales / John Bosco! Check out the Principal Concelebrant in the center of the picture: Karol Cardinal Wojtyla, the future Pope John Paul II.


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring video! Makes me appreciate my "Catholicity". As this Lent progresses, I'm gradually achieving a better understanding of my faith, and hopefully it will continue to strengthen (especially on the "dark" days).

Archbishop Antoni Baraniak ... is he a distant relative? I see where "Bosco" got his name.

I'll miss "Bosco's" joyful personality and scruffy face with his dancing eyes.


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