"Go Away, PLEASE!"

I couldn't get over how clever Joyce Tullbane and her colleagues were when they showed up at an SNC Involvement Faire last year wearing shirts that boldly requested, "Go Away, Please!" Once that got your attention, they'd turn around and let you read the other side of the shirt that said, "Consider Study Abroad!" What may have seemed a bit foreboding ended up being a rather clever invitation for students to consider spending a semester in a different culture.

Given I spend a decent amount of time meeting with students day after day, on the hour, it seems, I sometimes forget to consider those who have graduated recently or those who are spending time overseas or even completing the ever-popular internship in Washington DC. My apologies for sometimes living up to the adage, "Out of sight, out of mind!"

This week is different, however. Earlier this week I received a beautiful -- and lengthy -- email from Kori Feuerstein who is spending the semester in beautiful Florence, Italy. Kori mentioned that she thinks of all of us so very often and that she taps into www.baraniak.blogspot.com quite regularly to catch up on life here at SNC. In fact, she mentioned that the writings here remind her of homilies preached on Sunday nights at OSJ: yikes!! <- That's my addition!

Kori, please be assured that our community at SNC, myself included, miss you very much! Whether it is your very kind and pleasant presence at the 7 PM Mass, making your way across campus with that buddy of yours (Robbie) or simply stopping into the office in JMS -- you reminded me this week that there's a hole in our church this semester, an empty chair in our church with your name on it. We look forward to your return home soon, but are happy that you do enjoy your experience of "Going Away!"

Thanks, too, for reminding me to keep in my thoughts and prayers our students who are away this semester. Your kind email this week gives evidence that, "Absence makes the heart grow stronger!"

Dear friends, "God's flock is sometimes out of your midst!" Even from afar, "Let's give it a shepherd's care!"

The happy couple, Robbie and Kori, before the departure to Florence -- great people, for sure!


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