"Today the Ball is Ours, Matt!"

Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas for my Sunday homily -- be assured that I will be using the wisdom that came from each and every one of you. I'll give you an update later, once I finish today's wedding and prepare for the SNC Green Knight Football Banquet on Sunday. Remember, there is another team in town that wears the Green and Gold as well!

In the meantime, I believe Sister Sean Maire, OSF's preaching from last Sunday was the most succinct -- and most powerful: "Today the ball is ours, Matt!" Packer fans will be cheering Sr. Sean Marie and Sr. Anne Turba on Sunday. No doubt Sr. Sean Marie will have the perfect quip once again! I hope our dear Sister friends go 2 and 0!

Stay tuned!


ferm said...

Father JimI enjoyed reading your blog.  I have the faith that you'll deliver the best message that there can be to our Packers.  My only hope is that He lets the Packers play their best on Sunday, oh yeah, and that He doesn't let me get frost-bit at the game.Steve Fermanioch

Katie C said...

Hi Fr. Jim-
I tried to respond to your email but your box is full (hard to believe that someone like you who leads such a sheltered, quiet life would have a full mailbox-ha ha). At any rate you can use the pictures, by all means. Just don't deface my daughter with moustaches, etc. ;-) Take care and have a great time tomorrow!
Love Katie C

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