Making Christmas Wishes Come True -- One way or Another!

Earlier this morning one of our college professors stopped by my office to see if I had a chance to catch a cover article in the Green Bay Press Gazette regarding the on-going recuperation of Charlie Neitzel, the lone survivor of the Crandon killings that took place up north on 7 October 2007. I did not see the article, but after the professor left, I did take the opportunity to catch the paper's website.

After reading the article I began to prepare for our daily 12:20 NN Mass at Old Saint Joe's. Ironically, the gospel for Monday of the Second Week in Advent (Luke 5, 17-26, "We have seen wonderful things today!") featured a story about concerned individuals looking out for the best interests of their friend who was in the need of healing. Because so many others were also looking for Divine Intervention, the crowds that gathered were overwhelming in population. As such, the guys hoisted their friend up atop the synagogue and lowered him from the ceiling down into the sanctuary. Impressed by the faith of the man and his loyal friends, Jesus told the man to 'pick up his mat and walk;' so great was their faith!

I believe that today Christ gives us the power to help heal others amidst their issues. No doubt God will aid doctors in assisting Charlie in his physical and emotional needs; his own congregation and local community will also hopefully assist the Neitzel's in some of their social needs. But as our professor mentioned earlier today, perhaps there are ways that faithful in the Green Bay / DePere area -- specifically at Old Saint Joe's and Saint Norbert College can also help out. Thus, once our students depart for Christmas break, it is my hope that my parish council and I will find some sreative ways to respond boldly and generously to this situation as we have with so many other needs in our area.

And as always, I welcome your thoughts as well. If you need more information about Charlie and the issues he faces today, please check out:

In the midst of tragic violence right here in Northeast Wisconsin; but also realizing the outreach of so many kind and charitable hearts that care, we know, "God's flock is in your midst, give it a shepherd's care!"

Father James Baraniak, O. Praem.



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Do you have an address where we might send get-well cards and a Christmas card?



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