"It's Not Easy Being Green .....AND GOLD!"

In many ways it's been a difficult several months for sports fans all around America. Controversy was abounding all summer long as we witnessed a referee betting on games, Barry earning an asterisk, Michael enrolling his dogs in a different sort of obedience school and Bill watching more film than a Best Buy sales clerk! But amidst such ups and downs in the sporting world, Green Bay has much to celebrate in Brett Favre. Tying Dan Marino's record of touchdown passes was a great moment in sports history -- and the Milwaukee season ticket holders who were present for the event will not soon forget how special this past Sunday was. While we had much to celebrate in Brett's milestones, his personal-professional success is the icing on the cake for the team-at-large while beginning this new season at 3-0. So stay tuned for this weekend's game in Minneapolis. Under the Metrodome just beyond the Cheddar Curtain, the team has experienced the best of times and the worst of times. I'm thinking Sunday will be another great moment in the quarterback's and this team's history!

Beyond our joy in all that Brett has done on the field while donning the green and gold, we can also be grateful that Brett consistently takes the high road -- a road less travelled -- in doing what's best not just for himself, but for his teammates as well. Brett has shown us through his strength and conditioning, and through his handling of significant losses and hardships that while it's not always easy to be in the public eye while facing life's difficult issues, it can still be done, nevertheless. Given the integrity with which he lives his life, Brett has nothing to hide! Towards that end, I am excited and inspired by the great ways he represents not only his own good name, but the husband he is to Deanna and the great father he has become to Brittany and Breleigh. He represents the best of the Packers, and he brings much passion and joy to the community of Northeastern Wisconsin as well.

Brett never ceases to surprise me! He's like the energizer bunny that just doesn't quit, and like a fine wine, he seems to get better and better with age! Like many of you, I cannot wait to see what happens next -- for him and the team! He's a piece of art that continues to unfold before our eyes. In the weekend ahead and as the season continues, may Brett continue to paint the canvass of the gridiron with bold and colorful strokes -- and giving much beauty in the eyes of the beholders! ..............................MVP-4?


Father James Baraniak, O. Praem.

1999 © James A. Peterson2732 North Summit Avenue

Milwaukee WI 53211


Anonymous said...

WELL SAID, JAMES!!! Many comments, my own included, were that many were so happy not only for the win, but for Brett himself. And the win was due not only to Brett but the team as a whole; Brett is giving them true leadership, both on the field and off .. therein lies the real victory.


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