Who the Heck is Adam? ....And Why am I Giving Him Free Advertising? I Feel a Collection Coming On!

Since I began this blog back on February 2, I have felt a little uncomfortable with the 'settings' that I have established here. You see, anyone can respond to the blog -- even anonymously -- and can say whatever they want ... and there it is for all to see. I cannot even delete stuff that anyone else writes here. Up to this point, it hasn't been that wearisome given the pretty fine comments that many of you have written. And aside from this forum, I also enjoy some of the personal issues you have written to me via private email. I enjoy hearing from each and every one of you.

Nevertheless, having an "open door" feature to this blog is a bit of a risk-taking endeavor. That became apparent earlier today when I read a comment from my latest post and discovered that someone has used this site to promote his own agenda -- you can see the site if you choose to link up! But I simply want you to know that I have no idea of who "Adam" is and who "Billy Briggs" is, either. Therefore, I will seek out some talented SNC students who are much, much more knowledgeable of computers than I am -- I'll see if they can find a way to have ads such as this disappear into cyberland in some other galaxy far, far away.

Folks, by now you can be assured of one thing: if this site is going to be sponsored, I envision Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator or Best Buy will fight it out to own the rights, not Adam or Billy! But if you do want to make an extra $200... ... ...


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