"It's Always a Good Time to Come Home!"

At 6:00 AM Eastern Time, Pope Benedict XVI announced that Bishop David Zubik was appointed bishop of his native home, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While many suspected he would eventually leave Green Bay for a larger See, I don't think many of us thought it would happen so soon -- or that he would be appointed to his childhood home. Nevertheless, the day has come, and as I watched the press conference, I could not help but notice what seemed to be overwhelming joy on his face as he returned to the place that gave birth to his sacramental life. And can you really blame him?

A few years back, Saint Norbert College Alumni and Parent Relations department came up with the slogan, "It's always a good time to come home." I hope our college alumni really feel that as we who remain have the wonderful opportunity to welcome our alums back to the college amidst alumni weekends, homecoming, graduations... ... It is our hope that our friends will find here familiar, welcoming faces even though our campus and our population continue to grow and grow. In a similar spirit, I suspect the faithful of Pittsburgh as well as Bishop Zubik's family and friends are now saying to him, "Bishop David, 'It's always a good time to come home'!"

Between now and September 28th, I will find an opportunity to thank the Bishop for appointing me pastor of Old Saint Joseph Church and Saint Norbert College. I'll thank him for turning our young folks on to the apostolic zeal of our Church. I'll remind him of how kind he has been to our inmates by his pastoral presence at the Green Bay Correctional Institution.

.....BUT, I will not dwell on his record at the Packers Bishop's Charities Games: some things are better left unsaid!

Best of luck in Pittsburgh, Bishop! May the Steelers welcome home their native son. As we say goodbye, we'll continue to give thanks to Pittsburgh for their other gift to us, Mike McCarthy!

Father James Baraniak, O. Praem.


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