BUSTED BY THE BLOG: By a Doctor Who Makes House Calls!

I had just finished doing my therapy on the Fox River Trail when I returned to the Priory to get cleaned up before heading to the office. While at home, I noticed the message light was blinking on my phone. Upon retrieving the message, I thought as though the number of the caller seemed familiar. Sure enough, it was a call from Dr. Gray -- one of the people featured in my most recent blog.

Dr. John left a message suggesting that I give him a call because he heard that I was in some pain and that he's willing to help me out. Well, to be perfectly exact, Dr. John "read" that I was in pain -- he referred to this blog site and mentioned he had read my recent entry.

Now I am aware that there are several friends from St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center who read this blog quite frequently. Now I'm getting a 'house call' from a doctor from Aurora Bay Care -- I'm wondering, "Who's all out there reading this stuff, and how did you find out about this site?" (I better watch what I write!)

I must say that a call from John Gray is totally characteristic of his kindness. I became friends with John and Ann when I served at his parish, Our Lady of Lourdes. I've been blessed to be around long enough to see the Gray children, Molly, David and Jackson grow up. In fact, Molly stopped by the office last Friday afternoon as she was wrapping up a summer school course for the week here at the college. Every day I see the Gray family picture here on my office bulletin board, but I haven't seen Molly for a couple of years now. Molly was simply beautiful this past Friday --as I suspected she would be. Her kindness, charm and beauty are obvious a mile away. I have no doubt that we will see her name in lights some day, she's just that good at what she does (not unlike her mom). David will soon be making his way to our hockey rivals up at St. John's (following in his dad's footsteps) and Jack will be heating up the ice for the Tritons as he continues at Notre Dame Academy. But then there's John!

In the midst of my pain in the neck, I immediately thought of John -- no pun intended! But then I realized that he would give me heck for not being on the trail as much as I should be. The way I see it, I have two months to get in shape before John sees me while we board the plane for Packer travel. It is my hope that by then, he'll have less to nag me about!

So John, I am most grateful for your very kind call today; be assured that I will return it later today. And yes, I am avoiding you for the time being. But that won't be long because I have a new Packer vestment arriving and I will not wear it until I travel many, many more miles on the trail -- those sorts of mind games work well for me, so we will meet up soon -- I promise!

In closing, thanks to all who have been so kind over this past week -- I appreciate your kindness. It seems as though so many of you realize that, "God's flock is in your midst...." ...You know what to do!

Father James Baraniak, O. Praem.

I'm wondering if I am avoiding Dr. Gray and his office in a similar way as some may avoid me in the confessional? All those things that trip our triggers! I'll have to think about that one!


Anonymous said...

Happy to read that someone is "nagging" you re your "pain in the neck" episode. You're the first one to tell others to take care of themselves.....now "the shoe is on the other foot"!!! YIKES! It's a good thing you're not stubborn; AHAHAHAHAHA!

Avoiding you in the confessional? No one in their right mind would do that.

Prayers continue for you.

Anonymous said...

Love the cartoon.....getting a "pain in the a__" - to get rid of the "pain in the neck".

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